CFO Services Valuation 409A ASC 820 Briefcase


We have provided valuations for private companies from idea stage through exit as well as over 40 of the most prominent venture capital and private equity firms.  

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We leverage technology to automate routine valuation tasks and experienced professionals to create high quality valuations. Valuations are typically performed in a fraction of the time required by our competitors. 

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Bluemont focuses on the satisfaction of our clients and our employees instead of focusing on inflating billable hours. Our experienced professionals and efficient systems produce thoughtful valuations at a competitive price.

Startup Companies

We understand that companies at each stage of development have different valuation needs and budgets. Bluemont provides high quality valuations at a competitive price that stand up to auditor, SEC, and IRS scrutiny. 


Due Diligence

123R Option Expense

Venture Capital

Increased scrutiny as a result of ASC 820 (formally FAS 157) has put increased pressure on the valuation practices of venture capital and private equity firms. Our professionals work as the liaison between venture capital firms and their auditors. We incorporate thoughtful methodology into the approaches preferred by your auditors to determine values that fully reflect the opportunities and risks facing each company. Bluemont makes the portfolio company valuation process significantly more efficient for all involved.