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We leverage years of experience consulting early-stage companies to help your organization take full advantage of opportunities and avoid mistakes.

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Our professionals increase client efficiency and give organizations the tools needed to respond quickly and intelligently to investors and customers.

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We provide expertise when you need it. Outsourcing to Bluemont means your company operates efficiently without the expense of a full-time CFO.  

Startup Companies

Early-stage companies must run lean or fail. Finance and operations are typically not the most effective use of entrepreneurs' time. We understand the finance and operational needs of startups as well as the factors that angel and venture capital investors are looking for in an investment.  

Financial Management

Investor Relations

Key Performance Indicators


Financial Modeling

Deal Term Negotiations

Angel Groups

The experience of working with over 2,000 angel and venture backed companies gives Bluemont a unique perspective when assisting angel groups. Not only can we facilitate more efficient operations but we can also leverage what we have learned to increase returns. 

Deal Sourcing

Due Diligence