SeeD & Series A

For these young companies, cash is tight. Our streamlined 409A product for the earliest stage startups is priced aggressively to build a long-term relationship.



Series B 409A valuations need to be auditor-ready and your provider needs to be capable of defending your valuation. Our valuations have been through the most rigorous scrutiny. Whether the valuation receives review now or in the future, we work with your auditors so you can concentrate on growing your business. 


The last thing you need when you have an acquisition offer on the table or are preparing an S-1 is a flawed 409A valuation that holds up the process. At Series C and beyond, for the protection of employees, shareholders and the exit process, the valuation needs to be mindful of an eventual exit. We have worked with companies through M&A and IPO and our valuations reflect the experience. 



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